Often weddings happen all over and no one other than those there know about it.

So, I get all giddy when a couple goes for a walk in public.

It takes balls. But it turns heads and makes total strangers stop and stare (in a good way).

If you’re thinking about it.

Do it.

Rachel and Ben married at Didsbury House, it’s website describes itself as a “luxury Victorian villa hotel” and has an “intimate house party feeling”. How neat is that? I actually agree with some marketing for once.

Its ceremony room is attractive – I say that about most rooms which allow natural light to pour in, but this one is especially bright.

It still has period features from it’s Victorian past, and it feels intimate. It’s a nice place to get married. And a fitting space for these two.

Ben, who towers over me (I’m 6ft) is one of those blokes I’d want to be if we were at the same school or college. (Can’t believe, I just said that out loud). His large build goes hand in hand with his warmth and friendly way he carries himself.

Rachel, an intelligent, flame haired beauty, stole the show (as she should) in a silky, elegant wedding dress. Forced to wear a wedding dress, I’d wear that one.

The weather held out for them, the staff at Didsbury house knew what they were doing and bride and groom’s plans of good times for everyone was a success.

The reception felt like an intimate house party as promised, it even had the beer pong and one room dedicated to pumping dance music.

And what marriage would be complete without lots and lots of very merry people celebrating with them.