"The images are exactly what we wanted, really natural and reportage, people were saying you'll be fed up posing for photos and being told what to do.  It was nothing like that , everything was so easy and friendly."

John and Ellie

My approach to weddings.

I'm all about delivering photos of everyone having a great time and you two looking loved up.  In addition, it's super important that you have a stress free experience, both on the day and in the run up to it.  I share all my tips on group shots, timings, anything really.  Always happy to chat, answer any questions and advise about anything wedding.


Documentary, reportage, natural and candid are all terms you could use to describe my work,

I'm not out to create some make believe version of events, But rather, capture reality with all its joy, beauty and fun, but I do it with an artist's eye to make your photos interesting, alive and true to the spirit of your wedding..

My love for this profession goes beyond simply documenting weddings though. 

It allows me to regularly meet amazing couples and share in the greatest moments in the lives of others. I'm humbled by the trust put in me to document such a one off event and I'm compelled to honour your decision to hire me. It's something I never take for granted. I put the hours in because I care about the result.

Portraits without posing.

Capturing who you are as a couple and what makes you different is pretty hard with stock poses. Some people think during portraits they’ll be made to do something that simply isn't them. Totally understandable, since we’re still recovering from years of traditional wedding photography. We won't go there.  And I guarantee your couple's portraits will be far more relaxed than you imagine. Plus they don’t take very long at all.

Group photos.

Who doesn’t love a photo of their friends and family together?
I’ve been at weddings where there were 30 different groupings and then someone important wandered off. You could feel the dehydration.

Ideally, I like to keep this part of the day casual and efficient so If you're looking for 20-30 posed family photos then I’m probably not the photographer for you. Include around 10 groups of the most important people, have a designated herder and everyone will be ordering at the bar in no time.  If you think you have a bit of a rabble and the group shots might be a cause of stress then I have a secret foolproof technique to make sure they run smoothly and efficiently. 

Natural photos for vibrant and relaxed couples.

Really I’m there to capture the emotions and feelings of the day and make people feel relaxed enough in front of the camera to be themselves. Plus I'm a believer that every photograph should hold some meaning and capture what made your day special to you.

When asked why I shoot weddings. The answer is easy. Creative freedom and where else will you will find more love and joy than at a wedding? It’s the fuel that keeps me coming back again and again for more. 

I'm also keenly interested in what's meaningful to you on day, finding this out means you'll never have to send me wedding blog shot list because we've dug a little deeper.

And when I think about my past couples, I get a deep satisfaction knowing that no matter how many days, months or years have passed, they can look back at their photos, smile and remember just how awesome their day was.