Not just a photographer

I'm Dan
I grew up on a diet of 80’s bands, metal, rave music, sci-fi and spaghetti. I ride bikes, love the sea, and later in life discovered a love for designing websites.  I've done a fair bit of travelling, almost drowned once, and still haven't found the perfect haircut.

My younger self ignored the artist in me and joined the navy, it was a great way to see the world and meet interesting people.  I climbed up the ranks and did pretty well as a sailor but could never shake the nagging feeling that I should be in a creative field. So I hung up my uniform to pursue something much closer to my heart and here I am. 

I met Ellie scrolling through tinder while on a military exercise in the Brecon Beacons. She'll always be the lid to my pot as she’s the one that made me want to give up all the others. (She loves it when I say that).

We love every second of summer and blow out the cobwebs to hike in the hills and sleep under the stars far away from the hustle and bustle. In the evening we get way to competitive playing board games and drink fireside beers til it's impossible to squint through our telescope. 

What I do

My wedding photography style is super easy going, which means I’ll capture all the happy and little moments, and let you get on with having an awesome wedding. For me, the best part about a wedding day is the dancing because everyone’s a bit tipsy and has forgotten about me and my camera.

Who's it for

For those who believe posed sucks and just isn't them. If you’re planning a fun and relaxed wedding and don't want loads of staged photos..Hello!

Why it's important

Photos taken in the moment show people as they are, and thats how we want to be remembered right? Happy memories of carefree moments and awesome times.

How it works

Check if I'm free and if I am you can secure your date with a signed contract and deposit. Then spend your day having fun and relaxing and I’ll take care of the rest. And 6 weeks after, I'll deliver a natural set of kick-ass candids which show how awesome your day was.

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