This is me,

A documentary wedding photographer based in Port Talbot, South Wales.
I’m Wenglish,
I hike,
I game,
I run,
I cook and only go to the shops if I really have to.
Oh, and I bloody love weddings!.

“Is it true you were on Blind Date” and other FAQs

I wasn’t always a wedding photographer.
Yawn. I know, I know. I've kept this bit to the minimum. But i gave up a really good job to pursue what feels like my calling (ok quit with the cliches already!)  I was in the Royal Navy for 14 years and in a life changing moment of clarity, realised it was shit and quit (much to the envy of work mates) and jumped feet first into the world of photography. I started out as a family photographer who did a few weddings then realised I can dance on the dancefloor, pmsl at the speeches, and that it's totally ok to get emotional at the ceremonies so I went all in and here I am, writing this for you. Plus always being behind the camera means no one gets to take mine. Winner.

What is this place?
Great question! It’s my little corner of the internet where I showcase my style of documentary wedding photos and show people pictures of other people having fun (could be you here next!)

Why should I care?
Because the documentary approach done right leaves you with images that are so very close to how you experienced your day. Think crying Dads, pissed up aunties, your unimates becoming besties with with your workmates and beautiful natural frames of the two of you, so you can show people when you're old your eye for the details and decor and how you were hip and beautiful back then.

Is it true you were on Blind Date?
Kinda. it was a Channel 6 blind date. So you think you're terrified of the camera? Try being filmed while knowing everyone's gonna judge your lame chat up skills. I was a stuttering mess and the poor thing felt like she was on an interview. Still gives me nightmares. It was so awkward they couldn’t air it.

How come people think you're a workaholic?
Ignore them! But at weddings I am. I can't help it. I keep my camera up and eek out as many frames of fun and emotion from your wedding as humanly possible because you can only marry them once and I really, really want you to have the best memories possible.

Why should I book you?
Is this the bit where I give you my elevator pitch? Crikes if I haven't convinced you already then go check out my portfolio then my approach. Just know that I capture everything. Everything! And work my socks off. Your wedding will be awesome, It's my job to make it look 10% more awesome.

I’m in. What should I do next?
Whenever you’re ready, drop me a note on my contact page and say hi.