I started out as a family photographer. I wanted to give back pictures that felt connected, real and showed the beauty of the ordinary. Little eternal reminders of the now to slow the march of time.

Weddings are different but they’re the same. They’re like a giant family shoot to me.

So you know, I’m not out to take over your day or intrude. Rather I want you to forget about me, have the time of your lives and I’ll snap all the good stuff that happens when you're not looking at me. I work close, but in a quiet, not in your face kinda way. Perfect if you’re not looking for fantasy, but something a little more real.

Anyhow, that's enough about all that, it wouldn’t be about page without a some facts..

I’m ex-military, but not bossy, just supremely organised. (I can do shouty if needed).  Hiking with bags of rocks, 36 hour days and being a master at stuffing a lot of things into small bag was a gift preparing me for weddings.
I don’t like bad DJ's, queues of any sort, parking my car, leg day or tax.
I do like sweet things, salty things, four-legged things (but not on my dinner plate), learning new stuff and slipper socks.

The life-changing memoir of a tog

I take cold showers every day. I like to be uncomfortable..

80s music, Fanta in glass bottles, pasta, VHS films, insects. My childhood in a nutshell.

I have the strange talent of giving myself goosebumps on command.

I’m convinced some stellar bad parental judgement irrevocably changed me when they let me watch RoboCop, Terminator, and Aliens as a kid. Despite this, my love for film still runs strong. 1387 films and counting. (my top 5 are all sci-fi films..don’t judge).

I love taking care of plants. My house plant, Chuck, is my number two priority.

I met Ellie (she's number one) scrolling through Tinder while on a military exercise in the Brecon Beacons.

She’s the lid to my pot,  the one that made me give up all the others (she loves it when I say that). Totally different in so many areas, but the same where it counts, we share a love for being outdoors, cliffhangers, and shameless pyjama days.

She says I’m an oddball but deep down thinks I’m Ok.


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