Couple hugging on while out in nature

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"You've captured what is our enduring feeling of the day, that of warmth. To have one great photo of us is a miracle, but to have so many is, frankly amazing. "

Megan and Lucas

Are you a laid back couple and/or party animals?

Well hello you, fancy seeing you here. If you’re like “Done. Sold. Love you already” then high fives all round! You can use this handy form to send me your message. If you don't like my form you can email me directly at  

I always try to respond to every enquiry even if I'm booked. And I reply the same day on a weekday, if it's the weekend then I'm probably at a wedding or hiking so it'll be a little longer, but it's never more than a day. If you haven't heard from me please check that spam folder it'll be there, I promise.

What are you most looking forward to on your day? 10 years from now when you're looking at your photos what do you most want to see?  What made you choose your venue? I love all this stuff so be sure to share those details.

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