Bride and Groom Together

Harriet & Rob

Bolton Abbey

Winter Wedding In Skipton

Harriet and Rob married in that weird gap between Christmas and New year and they won the wedding weather lottery that day.
The air was crisp, the sunlight clear. It was a winter day I don’t mind being outside on. A perfect day to marry your sweetheart then.
Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey is very, very far from South Wales, but Steve Rooney needed a second shooter to cover their massive wedding. So journey up I did.
It’s grand, no other word for it. Couples and photographers love it for its rustic yet refined vibe and view out over the priory ruins.
I love it because of its floor-shaking Funktion-One sound system.
It can hold 200 people for the ceremony and feast, and 300 for the party, and Harriet and Rob had no problems filling it up.
They are unpretentious, sweet and ace to photograph, and when they need photography again I’ll be in my Mondeo, Audible on, and cruising up the country in a heartbeat.

If you’re looking for wedding ideas..

If you’re looking for wedding ideas, they have two corkers.
They brought their own limbo kit for the dance floor. “Dance floor limbo” is scribbled in my wedding idea notebook, right next to “free bar – start saving now”.
The second nice touch (they were plenty of others btw by) is organising a sing-off. Each table had to sing their part of the 12 days of Christmas with the best-winning something.
Anyone will tell you..given the chance I’ll talk all day about why photographing weddings is the best job ever so I’ll limit it to one sentence.
Just for one day, I’m allowed to share in someone else’s story, it’s eye-opening and humbling, exhausting but I come away that bit fuller.
In the true festive spirit, this was one of those extra-filling ones.

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