What to expect

I believe in focusing on more than just the wedding stuff. I'm a wedding photographer, so obviously I love weddings. But I also have a background in family photography so I'm hugely passionate about capturing connections between your friends and family as well as you. I don’t want you to settle for a set of generic wedding photos which lack personality and meaning. So I'll go beyond the weddinginess day to make your photos about so much more than the wedding part.

To help you remember everything that made the day uniquely you and celebrates who’s important in your life, I deliver photos of your people being themselves, blissfully unaware of my camera or simply having too much fun to be fussed about my easygoing approach.
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Weddings are so much more than the surface wedding 'things'

I get that you want a set of photos that aren’t just about you. Coverage of the whole day is important, which is why I want to show you a side of your wedding you weren’t there to see. (Funny wedding guest antics here).

Its vital to me that I deliver an experience and not simply photos. So I keep your (optional) couple and group portraits light, fun and true your personalities and how you are as a couple. I’m not into a one size fits all approach to your couples portraits. I want you to know that I'll capture the beauty of the moment without making it seem stuffy or awkward. 

Even if you’re most hardened camera dodger we’ll make photos you’ll be proud of because they look and feel natural.

For me to do my best work all I ask is that you ignore me, I’ll be here there and everywhere, but I won't be interrupting or getting you to repeat moments. That way everything is in the moment, natural and true.

Natural is best

I don’t pose or stage my work — just gorgeous light and gorgeous people, just as they are.  
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