Joel & Jess's wedding at Elmore Court

It's an empty room with rows of white chairs lined up in front of a wooden table that has two statues on it. Tapestries hang on the walls, and there's a chandelier overhead. Sunlight shines in through big windows.

Joel & Jess | 24/08/2024 | Gloucester

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A happy newlywed couple, hand-in-hand and laughing in an open field. The bride is wearing a lace dress and the groom is dressed in a navy blue suit.

Real Moments. Relaxed Portraits.

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A couple just got married and they're touching their foreheads together with big smiles on their faces. You can see their friends and family hanging out and having a good time in the background during the reception.

Unposed. Modern. Natural.

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Two women are having a blast dancing at a party. One is lifting the other and they're surrounded by colorful lights and a fun vibe.

No Awkwardness. No pressure.

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