Vienna Destination WeddingHolly + Josh

A missed flight.

There are lots of moving parts to getting married in a foreign country.

Getting there has to rank in the top five of importance. We might have made the flight to Vienna on time if security had a sense of urgency. Time slowed down, but not enough.
We missed our flight. A hefty credit card bill for several extra tickets and a private bus to another airport and we were on our way.

What wedding would be complete without things not going to plan, overcoming a little adversity and succeeding in the end?

Married at the fairy tale Schönbrunn Palace.

Holly and Josh married in a white and gold room in the fairy tale Schönbrunn Palace. Schönbrunn translates as beautiful spring. It was fitting for them to marry in Vienna after Holly said yes to Josh’s marriage proposal there a year before.

Built-in the 18th century with a mind-boggling 1141 rooms. It boasts a 300-year history, 3.8 million visits a year, a maze to get lost in, a fountain to look at, and ancient Roman ruins to ponder. The garden’s archways, leafy trees, immaculate hedges, white crunchy gravel and choice of pretty flowers make it an enjoyable place for portraits and post-ceremony drinking.

A smaller inimate wedding.

Holly and Josh wanted a smaller, intimate wedding for close friends and family. Two tight family units, they brought me into the fold and made me feel welcome right from the get-go.
(Note to self: I need non-black wedding attire for times when it’s 27 degrees and I’m committed to carrying two bags of camera stuff).

I’m at risk of sounding cheesy here

but I’ve been at the computer for 20 minutes now and I’m struggling to say it any other way.
Holly stepped in and brightened the room. Josh, a 6ft 5inch soldier, a beer brewer and a blokey bloke couldn’t fight the tears.
And neither could I.

It was an emotional moment for everyone and I reckon the violinist's secret plan was to make sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Violinist 1. Men 0.

I won’t go into the finer details, you can see the reactions to the best man's speech below, all I’ll say is that it went down in the personal histories of everyone as the funniest, most cringe-inducing speech ever.

Their day was warm, funny, unpredictable, characterised by everyone being the best of friends. It had an open bar, more wedding cake than anyone could cope with, and a little touch of a fairy tale.

If you’re planning a wedding in another country, don’t pick the security checking line with the person who’d get outrun by a sloth-like we did.

Get there early and hit the bar.

Update: the best man met his now girlfriend at Holly and Josh’s wedding and they’re expecting a baby!