St Fagans Wedding Photography

Tell me about your Beginning!

Dawn – We met each other when we both worked in a previous job. Luke was working as a strategic lead in maths, and I managed a team of people who provided support and project management. I vividly remember meeting Luke for the first time as he came in most days with a funny tale to tell about something that had happened the previous day/evening. We got on really well from the start and became good friends sharing similar interests in TV and music.

We had our first date after much chatting and discussing. Luke organised it and I didn’t know what we were doing until the day. We went to Ogmore Castle and went for a big long walk across the stepping stones and through the fields picking out our favourite houses we’d like to live in. We went to beach and had a picnic in the rain. On our way to the beach I left the handbrake on and rolled back down the hill I’d driven up. Luke found this hilarious then, but my driving skills have been an ongoing source of entertainment and fright for him.

We didn’t stop talking and laughing the whole time!

When and where did you get engaged?

Dawn – Whilst I have never imagined a fairy-tale wedding, I think I knew fairly early on that I wanted to get married to Luke. It felt really important to me that we create a solid foundation for our future.

Luke’s proposal was perfect to me. I would die if it was in a crowd (why oh why would I choose to have a big wedding as it is so un-me!). It was Dec 2019 in lockdown and we went for a walk in the afternoon in the rain. Luke gave me some little cards wrapped in a bow which were clues for a treasure hunt. I failed right from the start as I didn’t get the first clue, but after that I wasn’t too bad, trudging through the mud to find the different items to forage – Ivy, red berries, mistletoe. We ended our treasure hunt in Marshfield Church, which is where most of the walks ended and I had to look for something blue….which was my ring!

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We really didn’t want a hotel, “off-the-shelf” wedding which would be super expensive. We looked at a few venues but when we heard St Fagan’s Museum did weddings, we booked a visit and it just felt perfect straight away. The style and theme for our wedding is a sort of mix of relaxed, boho, and crafty vibes. we have really enjoyed putting our own stamp on everything we’ve done and hopefully, it all comes off well!

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

We can’t wait for our ceremony, having a celebrant is different from most weddings we have been to and we are really hoping it is personal and meaningful. After that, it’s all about partying and being with our family and friends.

Top Tips!

use a spreadsheet – absolutely vital for us to keep on track of everything and I have literally devised the most perfect spreadsheet with tabs for every detail.
Don’t buy things just because you think you’re meant to have them – no one actually cares that much.
If you don’t want to do all the traditional elements of a wedding…Don’t! We cut out the bouquet tossing, cutting the cake, and speeches from the traditional family members and made it fit more with our style!