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Steve & Eve

Linthwaite House | Lake District

Steve & Eve

Another one of those weddings I’ve second shot for Steve Rooney that’s miles away from South Wales. It was a whisker under 5 hours to get up there. Worth it?
You bet.
Linthwaite House sits high in the Lake District with views of Windermere, England’s largest natural lake.
Fun fact: Windermere is home to Tizzie Whizzies. Water-loving but shy, they have a hedgehog’s body, a tail of a squirrel, and wings like a bee. I wasn’t unfortunate enough to see one of these “mini monsters” although I could have hallucinated one on the way home.
Linthwaite house doesn’t feel corporate, it’s cosy, tastefully decorated (to me) and with 36 rooms is no behemoth. It’s a solid venue choice.
And besides, I’d trade a day or two in the lakes for a week on a foreign beach anytime. Unless it’s Ibiza. Or the Andamans.
Steve and Eve invited the closest family and friends only. It’s a fine approach. I’ve been a plus one at a few weddings and haven’t seen the couple since. If that was you..thank you for inviting me.
And thank you to Steve and Eve and all their friends and family for letting us in to see lives well lived.

“Hi Dan, Just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of Steven and I for coming up to us. You worked incredibly hard, and we loved having you there. Esp during the portrait shots. We can’t wait to see them when they are ready!”

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