You have questions? I got answers!

What is documentary photography?
Documentary photography, sometimes called reportage, simply means natural. I keep my camera close to the action and always think about what's important to you. It could be a glance, an excited hand squeeze, or your first dance with everyone cheering you on in the background.
Do you do group photos?
Who doesn’t love a photo of all their mates and family together? Your fam two generations above you cherish these formal shots. And I have a sneaking suspicion if you missed these you’d never hear the end of it.

An added bonus is we can do these with minimum fuss so people don’t get bored/sore feet/cold/thirsty. 10 groupings is a good number and with that designated herder everyone will be ordering at the bar in no time.
Do you need feeding?
Don't feel obliged. The gift of food is always welcome, but It's not in my contract that you have to feed me and I won't be offended if you don't.
We are camera shy!
Being a total weirdo in front of the camera is a gift if you’re a photographer, it makes you very good at not making things awkward.

I know how to flatter you, keep things fun and have a laugh. There won’t be any “look lovingly into each other's eyes..” Just urgh.

But I might squidge you together if I think you're too far apart. Or suggest a spot with some nice light. Good light + comfortable couple = awesome photos.
What if you're ill on the day?
It'd have to be pretty serious for me not to make your wedding but if did manage to break my legs, then I have a network of friendly photographer friends who would step in for me ( no pun intended).
Will you be able to travel to our wedding?
I travel up and down the UK to weddings. I love a good road trip. Unless it’s central London.
How many photos will we receive?
350+ for a full day (10 hour wedding). There's no limit on how many I take on the day. As long as there is something happening I'll be shooting.
Do you do albums?
Your pictures deserve a good home. My albums are linen-covered, lay flat and designed with love and care to be a storybook that won’t gather dust.
When will we receive our photos?
Your wedding photos (or album) shouldn’t be your anniversary gift.

I know you’ll be eager beavers (who wouldn’t?) so there’ll be a couple of sneak peeks brightening your inbox a few days after.

Turning your photos into the knees of the bee, crafting your slide show and prepping your web gallery takes 5-6 weeks.
How do we receive our photos?
You receive your photos as an online gallery, this makes it super easy to share all the shenanigans and group photos with anyone. You can gawp at your pics on any device whenever you need cheering up.
What next?

Head on over to my contact page and say Hi.  

We can then arrange a Zoom and chat about your day. When you’re ready to book a £125 deposit secures your date.