Gilestone Farm House and Glamping Wedding Photography

Tell me about your Beginning!

We met on my first night out ever in December 2009 – I was 17 and going into Caerleon with my friends. Sam was 18 and we met through a mutual friend in “The Bull” pub that evening but he didn’t like us or how loud we were so he left to go to a different pub! We got chatting later in “Boleros” and realised I wasn’t so bad!

When and where did you get engaged?

Bletchley Park is famous for female coders who helped break the German enigma code in the war. I’m a mathematician and coder so Sam found the perfect place to do it here! We walked around a lake where there was an information sign which said something like “this lake saw lots of unexpected romances during the war. Friends would meet for sandwiches next to the lake and fall in love, there were many Bletchley weddings!” and Sam said “well that’s funny because I have something here…” and he pulled out an engagement ring and got down on one knee! It was November 2021

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Festival! But not just a theme – all out! Big festival flags, giant tipis, caravans, camping, live music everywhere, fire breathers, festival games, BBQs, etc!

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Seeing all of the festival bits and people having fun with it all, live music, the string quartet(!!!), dancing and chatting with everyone, and hopefully nature all around us if the weather is kind

Top Tips!

Be organised and get a wedding diary planner, write things down even if you think you’ll remember them because 6 months later you’ll wish you did! Enjoy the planning process, do it together, and create your dream day as a couple