What is documentary photography?

Often referred to as reportage, documentary photography simply means ‘natural.’ Essentially, I capture moments as they happen by getting in on the action whilst considering what’s important to you. It could be your first glance, an excited hand squeeze, or the first dance with everyone cheering you on in the background.


Do you capture group photos?

Absolutely. Who doesn’t love a photo of their friends and family together? It’s a rare shot that future generations will definitely cherish. And no doubt there’d be trouble if they weren’t included in your wedding album!
Plus, there’s pretty much no fuss involved. I’m sure you don’t want your guests to get bored whilst working through the pain of their new shoes and gasping for a drink. A designated herder should do the trick to gather groups of around 10. This way everyone will be ordering at the bar in no time!


Do you need feeding?

I would be grateful if there is enough food to spare but please don’t feel obliged. This isn’t covered in the contract so I won’t be offended at all.


We are camera shy… is that a problem?

You and me both! Being a total weirdo in front of the camera is a gift if you’re a photographer. The less awkward the better, right? I know how to flatter you, keep things fun and have a good laugh.
Don’t worry, I won’t tell you to “look lovingly into each other’s eyes” or “hold a kiss.” That’s definitely not my style. At the most, I’ll ask you to squidge together a little more or move to a space with more light. Great lighting and a comfortable couple equal awesome photos!


What if you’re ill on our wedding day?

Unless I’ve somehow managed to break both legs, I’ll be right there on the day. Otherwise, I have a network of friendly photographer friends who I know would be happy to step in for me (no pun intended).


Are you able to travel to our wedding?

Who doesn’t love travelling? I’ve previously been up and down the country to shoot weddings. I’m always up for a road trip unless it’s central London.


How many photos will we receive?

Why put a limit on it? You’re pretty much guaranteed to receive 350+ for a full day (10 hours). If you’re having fun, smiling, dancing and chatting, there will always be something for me to shoot.


Do you create albums?

Of course. Your photos are no use in a battered old box – they deserve a loving home. My albums are linen-covered, lay flat and are designed with love and care to be a storybook that won’t gather dust.


When will we receive our photos?

Your wedding photos (or album) shouldn’t be your anniversary gift.
I know you’ll be eager beavers (who wouldn’t?) so there’ll be a couple of sneak peeks brightening your inbox a few days after.
Turning your photos into the knees of the bee, crafting your slide show and prepping your web gallery takes roughly 5-6 weeks.


How do we receive our photos?

Your photos will be shared with you via an online gallery so you can share all the shenanigans and group photos with friends and family! Plus, this way, when you’re feeling the classic post-wedding blues you can gawp at your pics on any device.


How can we get the ball rolling?

Like what you’re hearing? Head over to my contact page and say hi! From there, we can arrange a Zoom call to discuss your perfect wedding photos. After that, a £125 deposit will secure the date to snap those shots. Or head on over to my portfolio to get a taste.


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