Frequently asked questions

I've put together all the most frequently asked questions you might want to know before booking.

Bride and Groom Together
  • Help! We Are Camera Shy!

    No need for fancy posing. Most couples feel a little self-conscious in front of the camera, but I’m able to make you look good and loved up all without ever making you feel awkward. You just got married! That’ll show in your photos, honestly don’t worry about a thing. You’ll look awesome no matter your level of camera aversion.

    I won’t tell you to “look lovingly into each other’s eyes”.

    For your portraits, I only have two rules, don’t look at your feet and at the very least, hold hands. But really, I’ll mostly be photographing you two laughing and hugging.

  • Do You Have Back Ups?

    There’s a little saying I love. “Two is one and one is none”.

    I’ll come to your wedding with two cameras which each take two memory cards. And it’s the same for all my other equipment.

    Same goes for your photos in the office. I always have an offsite back up of your precious pics.

  • Do You Have An Assistant?

    I work alone 99% of the time. Occasionally I might have one along.

  • Are You Insured?

    Full professional insurance. Let me know if your venue needs a copy.

  • Where Are You Based?

    In between Swansea and Cardiff Travel for 2 hours in the car is included in all my collections. For weddings further afield then a milage fee is required. I dont charge for Somerset, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath, and the Brecons.

  • What If You've Never Worked At Our Venue Before. Will You Visit It In Advance?

    Generally, not. Usually a scout on the day is sufficient to get a feel for the layout. I like to be where the action is, and that’s what I get booked for.

    Plus it takes me seconds to work out where the best light is in a room or outside.

    A spot that might look nice in the evening might be blasted with high intensity squint inducing light at 2pm.

  • What If You're Ill And Can't Cover Our Wedding?

    Urgh! Hopefully that’ll never happen. But if it did, then I’m part of a documentary family of wedding photographers who help each other out. Plus I’d be paying them to cover it.

  • What If It Rains?

    Double Urgh! It’s unlikely to rain all day. But if it does then I’m more than capabale of using flash to emulate natural light for photos indoors. But take it in your stride, I won’t let a bit of rain stop the coverage.

  • Can You Film Our Wedding Too, Or Recommend Someone Who Can?

    I’m at 100% of my capacity at wedding with documentary coverage. I wouldn’t be able to do both to the standard I would be happy with.

    But I am partnered up with a couple of great videographers. Just le me know.

  • Can We Provide You With A List Of Must Have Photos?

    Group photos? Absolutely! But if it’s a copy and paste job from a wedding blog then I’m probably not the photographer for you.

    I do ask though for you to point out anyone who’s super important so I can make sure to give them an extra bit of attention.

  • Can You Photoshop Stuff Out Of Our Photos?

    Small blemishes will be taken care of. Heavy photoshop work that alters the ‘reality’ of the images, no. I photograph real people and I’m body positive so body sculpting wouldn’t be something I can do.

    For intricate object removal then I do offer a paid for service to have them sent to a photoshop profesional for a fee.

  • Do You Do Group Photos?

    Sure do. Two tips for these. Work out how much time you want to spend doing these and work backward. Only fancy doing them for 20 mins? Each group takes 3-4 mins so you could fit seven groups in.

    And please don’t give the photo list to me. I don’t know who anyone is! Give it to your loudest mate.

  • We Want You For Less Hours

    Outside of ‘wedding season’ its certainly something I can provide. But not between May and September.

  • How Many Images Will We Receive? Will All Of Our Images Be Edited?

    Generally, a full-day wedding will include 600+ edited images; I deliver every good photo and would never not edit and deliver good photos to keep my workload down. These are your memories.

  • Do We Get The Copyright Of Our Photos?

    A photographer owning the copyright is entirely normal practice. You are given full printing, copying and sharing rights.

  • How Long Before We Get Our Photos?

    Your wedding photos (or album) shouldn’t be your anniversary gift. I know you’ll be eager beavers (who wouldn’t?) so there’ll be a couple of sneak peeks brightening your inbox a few days after. Turning your photos into the knees of the bee, crafting your slide show and prepping your web gallery shouldn’t be rushed. My contact states 8 weeks but I always aim to deliver sooner.

  • How Are Our Photos Delivered?

    Via an online gallery. When your photos have been edited and your slideshow prepped, I’ll get in touch to find an evening when you’re both together. Think of it as ‘date night’. You’ll have your largest screen ready, your beverage of choice poured and I’ll send you your slideshow link via email.

    Once you’ve laughed, cried and laughed some more I’ll send your gallery link so you can view your whole gallery and relive the day and hopefully see a bunch of stuff that you didnt know happened.

  • Can We Have A Discount/ Will You Match Another Photographers Price?

    Or we are having a later ceremony so need you for fewer hours.. Sorry, but I don’t offer price matching or discounts. I’m extremely lucky to have hundreds of enquiries each year and typically only accept 30ish of these. Plus it’s not fair on other clients to offer discounts.

  • We Think You'd Fit Right In. We Want To Book, What Do We Do?

    Yay! Send me an email and I’ll send you a link to my online booking system. A signed contract and 10% deposit secures your date.

  • Can You Hold Our Date For Us?

    I’d love but I have to give the date to whoever puts their deposit down first. Sorry.

  • Do You Need A Meal?

    I burn almost 4000 calories at a wedding .

    Insane I know! It’s a kind gesture that’s hugely appreciated. But it’s not in my contract that you must.