Bolton Abbey Tithe Barn Wedding PhotographerLivi + Dan

A North Yorkshire Wedding at Bolton abbey Tithe Barn

Let’s do a little history, I had to look this up so I’m gonna share it.
“A tithe is a one-tenth part of something, paid as a contribution to a religious organisation or compulsory tax to the government.Historically tithes were required and paid in kind, such as agricultural produce.”
Ahh those were the days..10%..yes please.
A tithe barn is a barn to store the tithes. Not sure why they needed all those tithes.This place is massive.
Feeling brainier now?
Me too.
Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey was turned in to a wedding venue by Cripps & Co (sounds very non-pc).
Their speciality is restoring old barns and walled gardens for weddings & events. Looking at their website and reviews this isn’t their first rodeo and are well on their way to owning all the barns and doing all the weddings.
The venue is 15 miles from Harrogate (you may have tasted the spring water) and sits up on a hill overlooking the grounds of the grand old Duke of Devonshire’s Bolton Abbey.

A Truly Stunning Barn Wedding Venue

Fun fact: Bolton Abbey is on the cover of a Cure album.
The abbey was built in the 16th century, the same century as the European discovered the Pacific ocean. Bolton Abbey is old.
If you're wondering, It’s also in ruins. Right beside, is the winding river Wharfe which is easily traced looking down from Tithe Barn. The river is 21st on the list of the longest rivers in the UK, but it makes up for it with a solid 4.5 star rating on google from 258 reviews. It’s deserved. Probably because of its famous stepping stones and soothing gurgling sounds. (Note to self: take wellies next time).

Bolton Abbey Tithe Barn Wedding Photographer // North Yorkshire

So the location is top notch. What about the inside?
Well. Where do I start? Tithe Barn seems to have everything. They renamed the wedding breakfast a “feast”. I hope that sticks. Who wouldn’t prefer a feast over a breakfast when you’ve been on your feet all day and had a few.
I’m flicking through their menu now as I write this and it looks good.
Rotisserie pork shoulder, crackling, fennel and apple slaw. Or how about sirloin bricks? Yes please. No idea what that is. But, please let it be a meat brick.
Your dining experience is enhanced with an open kitchen with indoor BBQ and rotisseries, it’s all very master chef, and it works.
Should you fancy, you’re able to do your whole wedding here and not have to leave (well, you will at 0100am) as it’s licensed for civil weddings. Have your heart set on that church wedding? No problem, 200 years ago someone built the Bolton Priory Church for you.
No need for extra jackets either as they provide outdoor heaters and fire pits and I quote “advanced underfloor heating”. Toasty.
It has space for your whole extended family and all their friends too with the capacity for 200 ceremony guests, and if that’s not enough you can invite a wallet closing 100 more to your reception.
Club quality acoustics come as standard. Tithe barn is fitted with its own PA for your wedding speeches and drunk mates accapellas and the best bit (for me) a tinnitus inviting Funktion one sound system.
So there you have it. If you’re the one person other than me who read to the bottom, email me and I’ll send you a key ring.
No really, thank you.
Here’s a bunch of photos I took second shooting for Manchester’s best documentary wedding photographer David Stubbs. I give you Dan and Livi’s Bolton Abbey Tithe barn Wedding. Like the way I approach weddings?  Click here to get in touch.

A bride and groom walk down the aisle
A bride and groom share their first dance while their guests clap and cheer them on. Bolton Abbey Tithe Barn Wedding Photographer
A man is putting on aftershave in a mirror
A man and woman hug
A man is laughing
A man adjusts his tie as he is getting ready
A vicar is shaking hands with a guest
The groom at a wedding is smiling at his best man
A man holds his parents hands moments before he gets married
Three bridesmaid smile
A bride is walked down the aisle by her father
A groom is putting a ring on the brides finger
Three bridesmaids are laughing
A man is smiling and people are hugging
A woman hugs the bride at a wedding
A man is smiling at another man
Three wedding guests are laughing
A woman is smiling at the man talking to her
Guests laugh and drink in the gardens of tithe barn
Five bridesmaids are checking out the brides dress
Two women smile at happy baby at a wedding
A baby girl is sticking out her tongue at the woman who is holding her
guests at a wedding are taking food from a plate
Three men are laughing and smoking and drinking
A bride is dancing with her hands in the air while guests cheer her on
A bride is dancing with her hands in the air while guests cheer her on
A bride is dancing with her hands in the air while guests cheer her on
A groom is being carried on a chair at the Tithe Barn Bolton Abbey
A bride and groom are being carried on chairs
Men are Israeli dancing
Men are Israeli dancing
A man is whispering something in to a womans ear at a wedding
A rabbi is making a speech at the Tithe Barn
A group of four women carry the chuppah
A smiling bride and groom are walking down the aisle
A bride and groom are walking down the aisle
A couple stand together inside the Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey
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A husband and wife are smiling and holding hands at a wedding
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Bride smiles at a wedding guest
Woman in a chefs apron dances in a crowd of revellers